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Ucrop is a comprehensive agricultural management platform that allows you to control the climate, irrigation and monitoring of your systems. Optimise your operations, increase productivity and improve crop yields.

Ucrop offers solutions for drip irrigation, greenhouse climate control and real-time agricultural monitoring. Each solution is designed to improve specific aspects of agriculture.

Ucrop was created to be a control platform for IoT systems, and is currently compatible with equipment from Nutricontrol, Azud and Novagric.

Ucrop’s farm management allows you to organise all your systems in one place, providing a holistic view of your farming operations and facilitating data control and analysis.

Ucrop is versatile and adapts to the needs of installer users, farmers and agricultural technicians. Each profile can take advantage of specific features that enhance their responsibilities.

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Ucrop is compatible with a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers. You can access the platform through web browsers or via the mobile app.

Ucrop allows you to visualise a wide range of data, including weather information, irrigation status, sensor data and more. Customise your dashboards to display the data that matters most to you.

Setting user permissions in Ucrop is simple. As an administrator, you can assign different levels of access and control for each user, ensuring that they only see and edit relevant information.

Ucrop weather forecasting gives you accurate details of future weather conditions on your farm. This helps you make informed decisions about irrigation and other aspects of farm management.

Ucrop gives you the ability to customise your graphs to suit your needs. You can choose what data to display, adjust scales and ranges, and explore different formats to analyse the information.

We are constantly working on new modules and features for Ucrop. Soon you will be able to access complementary modules that will further extend the capabilities of the platform.

Yes, Ucrop allows you to set up customised notifications and alerts. You will receive real-time alerts about important events, such as changes in the weather or problems with your equipment.

Ucrop generates automatic reports based on the data collected. You can schedule periodic reports to be sent to your email, providing a detailed summary of your operations.

Absolutely. Ucrop is a versatile tool that adapts to different farming methods, including organic farming. You can customise the platform according to the specific needs of your farm.

It’s easy to get started with Ucrop. Simply choose the plan that best suits your needs, create your account and start pairing your teams. Enjoy the 3-month grace period to familiarise yourself with the platform before your annual subscription is activated.

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