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Discover Ucrop

It is the farm management platform designed to take your management to the next level. Whether you are an experienced/inexperienced farmer or an agricultural technician, Ucrop has the tools you need to succeed.

Discover a new paradigm of control, analysis and optimisation thanks to your new strategic ally for farm management.

How the platform works

Set it up easily and start saving time and money.

Match your teams

Synchronise your devices in the simplest way, by scanning a QR code with an intuitive interface.

Create your farm

Group all your teams by farms, you will obtain centralised information to make management easier. Move around your farms with a single click.

Associating users

Choose which users can collaborate in your properties, whatever their role is, you can configure who programmes, who visualises and who manages the equipment. Include your installer so that he can give you a hand if you have any doubts. Invite your advisor to view your crop.

Take control

Start benefiting from the only comprehensive platform for managing your IoT systems. Control your equipment, see valuable information and make more informed decisions.

Digitise your farm with the Digital Kit grants

You can subsidise up to €6000 to digitise your farm.

3-in-1 platform

Centralise your systems on a single platform. Irrigation, Climate and Monitoring are now one.


Where different profiles can collaborate quickly and easily. From system installers to technicians and farmers. Thanks to the permissions each user will see only what they should see and edit only the equipment they control.


Whatever your crop, Ucrop is the tool for you, from outdoor horticulture to fruit and berries.


Group your teams into estates and manage them centrally

Information data

Group your teams into estates and manage them centrally